Tanner Leissner

University of New Hampshire All-Time leading scorer

Professional Basketball Player - Germany

“During my senior season at UNH I was introduced to Taryn. We did a few recovery sessions together and I really enjoyed it, it was one of the best recovery methods I'd tried up to that point. That persuaded me to go (to yoga) 4-5 times a week after the season ended. In that off-season I became the most flexible I had ever been. Not only that, but I  noticed my core strength and balance improve immensely. After seeing improvements in my body (both physically and mentally) AND also on the court I knew yoga was something I'd practice the rest of my life.”

Betina Gozo

Nike Master Trainer

Womens Health Next Fitness Star | 2017

Nordic Track Virtual Coach

"Taryn has been such a staple in my career the past year. As a self-proclaimed jack of all trades, but master of none, it’s easy for me to get lost amongst all the things I would like to do.  Taryn’s background in human development and yoga brings a combination of analysis, empathy and patience to the processes.  She has done a great job of assessing my current situation an my strengths, and helping me put some great systems in place to keep me organized.  One thing I’ve loved is that she’s never directly told me WHAT to do, but more so helped me shape HOW I should figure that out based on all the things I share with her.  

In this year that I’ve worked with Taryn, she has helped me feel more confident with the road I am on.  I have even felt good about turning down opportunities that I know will take me off that road.  I used to be so lost and overly taxed, and I am so grateful for Taryn’s services to keep me on track!"

-Taryn incorporated elements from yoga + business + life coaching when working with Betina.

Leah W

Yoga Student

"Taryn's classes has been an incredible and unexpected gift. In just a month, I have grounded and grown my own practice in leaps and bounds. I feel in my center as I move through my days and notice much less body stiffness...which is huge for me! Her teaching style is warm and well-adapted to all bodies and skill levels. In addition, I appreciate the consistency of her style blended with the ability to adapt a class to what its students are needing. This makes each class feel alive rather than a programmed routine.

She carries a lovely wisdom for being a young instructor, using her own successes and challenges with her practice as a way to help each person find their place on their own mat. She teaches her passion and it is naturally infectious."

"Taryn gave me private yoga classes both at my apartment and the day of my wedding! She came to me and tailored my yoga session to whatever I was wanting that day. She is awesome, and helped me do the poses the right way as well as get a great stretch. She provides a relaxing yet fun environment and I felt great after every session!”

Ally C


“Taryn’s class is unlike other vinyasa yoga classes in Boston. She pays particular attention to form and alignment, ensuring all students understand exactly which muscles should be engaged when doing a poses and what each pose should feel like. I thoroughly enjoy this and her teaching style!”

"Taryn's class was amazing. I generally don’t like yoga classes finding them unauthentically floating between yoga as meditation or yoga as fitness. Somehow Taryn made the class fit right in the middle, in an authentic purposeful manner. I was challenged and tried new things and it was incredible."

“Taryn’s class is a great mix of relaxation and workout. I always feel great after!”

“Gave us a few challenging poses but always gave us options! Great teacher, great class.”

“Taryn was great. Class was challenging yet very relaxing. She gave great tips and took time to really break down difficult poses.”


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